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Subcultures : USA, UK and Europe

  • A subculture is usually in relation to music and arts
  • They come and go, usually inhabited by youth, gives young people a place to belong
  • Make a statements on currunt realities
  • Death of a subculture is when it becomes mainstream


  • Come from punk
  • Punk was prominate subsulture during it creation
  • Peter Murphy and Suzi Sue very influential musicians to the subculture
  • Bela Lugosis dead- Bauhus
  • Same morals and ideals as Punk (rejecting mainstream)
  • Dark and morbid attitude
  • Mainly wear black, everything is black, associated with death and evil, small amounts of red worn, associated with blood,
  • Fashion adapted from punk
  • Marlyn Manson look- weird makeup and morid look


  • Minority of youth who felt they didn't belong
  • Stands for emotional rock, a music genre mixed between rock and indie
  • Fashion: skinney leg (in black) and band T-shirts, strips, skulld, hearts and bows are popular motifs
  • Popular for the boys to wear make-up, styled hair and very tight clothes - the tighter the better (many boys wear girl clothing to achieve a tighter look)
  • Emo is very myspace oriented
  • linked to suicide and a dark appathetic veiw of life
  • sexual experiemental is popualr and encouraged espeacially bisexuality


  • new subculture mix between Emo and pop culture
  • Music: Hardcore, punk, emo and metal
  • alturnative look
  • Asethetics very important
  • Popular band I killed the prom queen
  • Kiki Kanibal influentail scene kid
  • Tatoos, body modifications
  • organised crews - like gangsters
  • really tight skinney legs
  • teased hair lots of colours, artificial colours
  • colour motifs and symbols
  • dark thoughts - goths
  • vein look, leppord print, tacky accessories
  • different from emo because its all about the look not the emotions


  • A rave or rave party = danceparty
  • Fast-paced electronic music and light shows
  • Music electronica, trance, happy hardcore and techno
  • subculturethat grew out of the acid housemovement
  • Large used of amphetamines
  • bright clothing
  • outrageous fashions
  • ultraviolet and fluroscent clothing
  • raver candy: bulky, bright, plastic beads


  • Primarily in the Uk
  • mix between raver and goth
  • wear mainly black witrh hints of neon colours or chrome.
  • Clothing made of reflective materials and PVC, and huge platform boots.
  • Hair extensions in bright colors and multiple piercings
  • Goggles, gas masks and shiny PVC doctors' masks
  • 1970 David bowie very influential to the look
  • Sciencefiction inspired
  • androgyny is common
  • artificial look
  • hair extensions made of fluorescent tubing and electrical wiring.
  • tight black pants, tight black vests or shirts cut from ripped, solid or fishnet fabrics, simular to goths
  • listens to trance
  • Popular bank VNV Nation from the UK


  • Name used by Western media to describe teenagers dressed in a fashion style who are in the area of Harajuku
  • 4 main subcultures in which the look is combined to create harajuku
  • One style Kawaii a popular phrase that meant something was cute or pretty.
  • A form of resistance in that the style and culture associated with it were not seen as attractive by an older generation.
  • This idea of Kawaii was a distinct youth culture separate from the traditional one in existence.
  • Neon and metallic colors.
  • Lolita inpsired from Victorian era
  • princess fashions and goths fashions
  • Harajuku is more of a fashion than a statement.
  • Punk side =dark colors, plaid, chains, and zippers.
  • Punk style is also one of the more gender-neutral fashions in Harajuku.
  • Cosplay =costume-based style.
  • Cosplay followersdress as a fictional or iconic character from a band, movie, or manga
  • Ura Hara mainly for boys interested in hip hip, graffiti
  • Ura hara is more hidden


Kawaii Fashion


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